Welcome to Wright's Apple Farm in Gardiner NY. 1 hr. from G. Washington Bridge and NYC. Pick Your Own Apples at our New York Apple Farm, Sept and Oct! Pick Your Own Cherries in June, July at our Farm located in Gardiner NY Directions to our farm. Your GPS won't work with our address. Print out these directions! We bring our fruit and fresh baked goods, pies, brownies, cookies, bread to these Farmer's Markets Get our freshly baked cookies, pies, local produce, corn, tomatoes, cherries, apples, blueberries here everyday! Sign up on our mailing list for emails on pick your own! Click here to email us with questions. We've been sustainably farming since 1903. Our soil is rich and has sustained our growth every year for over 100 years! We're a century farm! These recipes have been used for over 70 years and came from our 4th generation. You have never tasted jam, pickles like this. You'll never buy store preserves again! Stop! Don't pick up that phone. Here is the answer to your question abour apple picking! School and office groups are very welcome. Give us a ring before you come so we can welcome you properly! !

PICK YOUR OWN APPLES Mid September - October 8:00-4:30 daily. Our farm market is open from 8:00am to 7:00pm daily. Our Farm is in Gardiner, NY. 7 miles south of New Paltz. 1 Hour from the George Washington Bridge, PA, NJ, NYC and CT.

School Groups or Work Groups are very welcome! M - F ! Call 845-255-5300 to make a reservation!

Come on out for a day of sun and exercise in the largest farm between NYC and Albany! Pick Apples and play in the orchards and on the landing strip. Bring balls and frisbees and play in this huge expanse of country property. Practice your cartwheels and handstands! Bring binoculars for examining bugs and insects, and maybe a magnifying glass also. Lie on the grass and listen to the buzz of bees and insects on our pristine farmland! Try that in the big city! No noisy traffic here, just quiet, lazy peace.

First load up on goodies at the farm stand! Or bring a picnic lunch for eating in the orchard and then head out to the orchards! Its a nice hike passing the old farmhouse with its beautiful gardens, the big old red barn and all the tractors and farm tools.


      $12.00 per kids(this includes a peck size bag to fill with apples) Teachers and chaperones also get to pick and all pay $12.00 also.
     Bring extra money for spending at the fruit stand. Water, cider, juice, pumpkins and gourds for decorating at home and the classroom. And the delicious cider doughnuts, beloved by all our customers, young and old!

We have numerous lakes on our property, one of which we call Louie's Lake, because Louie, the swan flew in one day, a few years ago, and took over. He had several goslings and a mate, Louise, who made the lake their own nursery and have been returning ever since.


We encourage you to come to the farm for an exciting learning experience, where we can help you teach your kids the basics of life, like where their food comes from! All our family farmers love kids and have a strong interest in their learning. Grandpa Ted, Dad, Mike, Mom, Tammy and our newest family farmer Colin are very happy to invest a little of their time so the kids of this world understand it better! Food is important to this planet and knowing how its produced, stored and distributed is the most critical knowledge for our kids!

Remember to bring extra $ for:

 Entrance to Orchard and Apple Picking ($12.00 over 10 yrs old or $6.00 under 10!
 Bringing home crazy squash and veggies for your Mom and family to cook!
 Homemade jams and pickles!
 Donuts, cookies and other goodies!

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