Welcome to Wright's Farm where you'll find our fruits and veggies are grown in our own soil, sustainably! Pick Your Own apples, enjoy bike, hike, picnic options on our 500 acre farm with spectacular views! In June and July pick your own sweet cherries and hiking, biking, picnicing on our beautiful farmland Don't use that GPS. It doesn't see our 500 acres. Instead print out this page to get here fast! Our farm market sells our own fruits and vegetables and veggies from our neighboring farms Yes! Cider doughnuts, pies, brownies, apple chips, jams, pickles all made from our own fruits and veggies in our own, state approved kitchen in the stand! Our farm defines the popular term sustainable because we've been farming it since 1900! Groups are welcome to come and pick apples, meet, just be together on our 500 acres! Get on our email list for emails about our farm! Contact us with questions about the farm and picking times! Here are the questions everyone asks before coming. Dogs love our farm. Bring yours! Here are the Farmers Markets we attend every week in summer and fall! Here's how we bring you safe, delicious and beautiful fruit! Send some NY State apples to your friends in Florida and Texas or Washington State ao they can taste really good apples! We make all our own jams, pickles, applesauce, brownies, cookies here in the farm market State approved kitchen! Eat an apple a day and keep the doctor away. Hudson Valley recipes for your apples! Sometimes we get carried away out there in the orchard and pick everything in sight and worry when we get home about how we can use so many apples! Luckily apples last in the fridge for a long time and with these recipes you can actually cook them youself and remember your day on the farm with every bite. Here's where to stay if you make it a weekend There's some darn good restaurants around here! Other things to do in the Hudson Valley Emails with a theme! Our customers have been coming here for 40 years Some interesting anwsers to your food questions !

Here are the answers to your most important questions!

If you want to get here, DON'T USE YOUR GPS! It can't find our address!

Everyone is asking about school groups: School Groups are very welcome! M - F ! Call 845-255-5300 to make a reservation! Work Groups Also!!!

Bridgett Nesmith asks: We are organizing a program to promote awareness with healthy eating and physical activities. This would be a group of 50 or more people will you be able to accommodate us?

Large groups are no problem! We have huge family reunions back in the orchard! We've got the space to hold your family reunion or any large party! We definitely promote healthy eating and physical activity. Keep in mind that you can drive back into the orchard and party on our landing strip which is clear of trees and can hold a lot of people! If you come in a bus, you have to walk back because the aquaduct that brings NYC its drinking water runs through the property and buses get hung up on it.

Alan Goidel asks: Am interested in coming with my wife, daughter and dog for a visit. What fresh fruits and veggies do you have this time of year?

Here's a brief idea of what each month brings:
 April and May: Flowers
 June: Pick your own Cherries, Berries
 July: All kinds of summer veggies like cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, eggplant, green beans, some of these towards the end of the month.
 August: Peaches (too messy for pick your own), and summer veggies, early apples.
 September: More apples, winter squash, summer veggies just keep coming. Check which apples are ready here.
 October: More apples, gourds, winter squash, pumpkins and pick your own pumpkins.

Al Ziglier has this suggestion: You guys should consider some coupons to motivate people to return every year...

Al, Al, Al, coupons are for stores. Our prices are SO low we don't need coupons and our customers have been coming here so long, they've become friends we see a couple of times a year out in the orchard and in the fruit stand. We know their parents, children and grandchildren and catch up when they get here! Come on out and ask the people you meet here and you'll see! Check below for some emails from our regulars!

Pamela Janitz writes: This will be Jon and my third annual year of apple picking/pumpkin picking at your farm. We love the beautiful drive and the beautiful scenery when we arrive! See you soon!!

Olivia Feliciano says: This is the best apple pickin place! Beautiful drive as well from Queens, NY. We've have been coming back to you guys for the last six years.

Kathy Trotta has this to say: My family and I came for the first time last year and plan to keep coming back!!! Absolutely the best apples and baked goods we have ever had!!!

Jose Figeroa says: Have been going to your farm for over 15 yrs. Hadn't been there for a few years, we moved up here from the city and found your farm by accident. So happy to go to your place again.

Roni Fletcher writes: My family and I have been there several times in the past, and we look forward to continuing this great family tradition! Thank you for having such a safe, warm and wonderful atmosphere!


Grills are an absolute necessity if you're doing it right! And a dog! We come around and mooch a bite or two and expect some really good grilled food! We get so busy with the harvest, we barely have time to cook for ourselves and we're FOODIES.

Anna Singh writes: In my family, grapes, apples, cherries and corn are the favorite fruits, so would you kindly inform me of the best times for \"pick-your-own?\"

Pick your own Cherries is from June 15th through about July 4th, PYO Apples is all of September and October and PYO Pumpkins is in October. We try to post the dates on the website on the first headline of the Home page as the fruits become ripe. We grow mostly tree fruit like apples, pears, nectarines, peaches, pears, cherries. We buy corn from a farmer up on the mountain and berries from local berry growers. We also grow pumpkins, gourds, squash (so we get some special varieties}, but a lot of our produce is grown by other local farmers.

Linda Tripodi has this question: When are the red and golden delicious ready to be picked.

You can always find your favorite pick your own apple on this page. We also grow other varieties like "Honey Crisp" but sell them on the fruit stand and to wholesalers. Your red and golden delicious are available in late September and early October for several weeks.

Tina Liu says: Hi, I would like to be notified when the season for apple picking, cherry picking and pear picking is here.

We know we have not been emailing like we should, but we plan to set up an emailing service during the coming year to keep you informed. Our website is always up-to-date and you can always find critical dates posted on our Home page in the first title area at the top of the page. Sometimes we don't have specific dates posted till a few weeks before the picking begins because rain and weather always affect our picking dates. But, we're gonna try harder!!! We know you depend on us for your PYO fun and really fresh food!

Margaret Schatzle says: We just loved our visit to the farm. Tammy was so helpful with picking out flowers with me and my dad. The flowers we've bought from the farm for my father and mother are growing beautifully in their yard! Thank you! See you in the fall!

Yes, we try hard to hand pick the best hanging baskets and flowers for you. This is Tammy's true love and she really puts a lot of effort into picking the absolute best she can find!

Rosemarie Ramos says: I want all the events that are going on please give me a guide cause i want to go with my family. thank you for cooperation.

We encourage the kids to bring toys to play outside and go for it! We do encourage kids to learn how their food is grown. Check out the school page to see what tours are available for kids. Watch the farm employees pack up the apples on a production line to send out to stores and even to foreign countries. We have huge storage rooms where we put the apples for the winter in a 0 Oxygen environment, so you can buy apples any time of year in the store. That makes everyone's eyes pop, watching the loading of the 20 foot high room with huge boxes of apples.

Nichole Hughes writes: I am very interested in beginning to shop locally. I cannot wait to visit your farm market.

Yes, eating locally is a big new trend which really makes sense. You buy what still has nutrients because its picked and eaten quickly! Actually, its the reason a lot of people, like our Great Grandpa Charles bought this farm back in 1900. They saw it as a safe place to raise a family, never having to worry about where their next meal was coming from. They set up a small fruit stand under the big tree to the left of the current farm entrance and sold what fruits and veggies they couldn't eat because they grew too many to feed 10 kids. Its still a great life and we still grow too much food.

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