A few frequently asked questions

Yes, we love dogs, and dogs love the orchard. Please remember to stock up on waters and snacks before entering the orchard, dogs get lots of exercise on the farm and need to keep hydrated.

Here’s how it works Everyone entering the orchard pays $20 and receives a 1 peck bag. Kids are $10 and get a 1/2 peck bag. So your fee gets you access to our 453 beautiful acres, as well as 1 peck of apples. If you want to pick more apples, you can buy additional bags. If you don’t want to pick apples then your fee gets you access to the farm and use of the many trails as well as a souvenir PYO bag.

A peck, in apple terms is a 1/4 bushel. We offer 3 sizes of bags, 1/2 peck, peck, and 1/2 bushel. A 1/2 peck bag holds about 6lbs. of apples.  A peck bag holds about 10lbs. A 1/2 bushel bag holds around 20lbs. 

Yes. This is how we survive as an apple farmer. Please remember you are not obligated to fill the bag up with apples. If you decide not to fill your bag Hopefully you’ll find the experience of the day, a priceless souvenir.

We do not take Reservations but if you would like to beat the crowd, it’s best to arrive before 11:00.
No we don’t. Unfortunately it is too much at one time for our small crew of employees.
Dress to pick and have fun. Sneakers, jeans, sweat or t-shirts. Be ready to walk, high heels and flip flops are not recommended.
They have YOUR undivided attention! Imagine that. We have 453 acres to play on. Own runway is a great place for sports, so bring a football, soccer ball, wiffel ball, etc. They will remember this day forever.
Absolutely! People really love to have elaborate spreads in the orchard and that includes cooking.
  1.  Refrigerate your apples.  They will last for several months in the refrigerator.
  2. Cook with the kids.  We have a recipe HERE that you can follow for making applesauce. Make a bunch and freeze it in Ziploc bags. This way you can pull out the Ziploc bag on demand for a great addition to your pork dinner.
  3. Make baby food. Applesauce is a great source of fiber for your infant. Make applesauce and freeze into ice cube trays or small Ziploc bags.
  4. Make some apple pies. If making crust is too difficult, purchase some ready-made crust.  Then you can make some apple pies and then freeze them raw. Pull them out of your freezer and bake for Thanksgiving, Christmas or a special occasion.
  5. Make some fried apples. Follow recipe HERE

Things to do with the kids at Wrights Farm


  • Pack a lunch at home or
  • Choose from many goodies at the farmstand to create your own farm lunch #eatlikeafarmer


Bring your bike and explore on the rolling farm roads

Field Games

Bring the football/Soccer Ball and play catched with your kids. They will never forget spending that quality time with you in such a large open space that feels like all yours for the day!


While picking Apples hike through the farm trails and check out all the nooks and crannies of the farm. Secret view and the big lake!


While hiking check out the Grass field cows we raise along with our pigs. Right around the corner you will find Louie’s Lake, look for Louie. (are residential swan) He loves snacks! He has a few bevers as neighbors they are alway quite busy creating a headache and work for us when we least expect) while exploring you will see lots of deer, squirrels and maybe a bunny or two.

Gardiner Brewing Company-

Apple Cider and delicious snacks while mom and dad sit back and enjoy some craft beverages and live music for the whole family to enjoy.

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