Welcome to Wright's Farm where you'll find our fruits and veggies are grown in our own soil, sustainably! Pick Your Own apples, enjoy bike, hike, picnic options on our 453 acre farm with spectacular views! In June and July pick your own sweet cherries and hiking, biking, picnicing on our beautiful farmland Don't use that GPS. It doesn't see our 453 acres. Instead print out this page to get here fast! Our farm market sells our own fruits and vegetables and veggies from our neighboring farms Yes! Cider doughnuts, pies, brownies, apple chips, jams, pickles all made from our own fruits and veggies in our own, state approved kitchen in the stand! Our farm defines the popular term sustainable because we've been farming it since 1904! Groups are welcome to come and pick apples, meet, just be together on our 453 acres! Get on our email list for emails about our farm! Contact us with questions about the farm and picking times! Here are the questions everyone asks before coming. Dogs love our farm. Bring yours! Here are the Farmers Markets we attend every week in summer and fall! Here's how we bring you safe, delicious and beautiful fruit! Send some NY State apples to your friends in Florida and Texas or Washington State ao they can taste really good apples! We make all our own jams, pickles, applesauce, brownies, cookies here in the farm market State approved kitchen! Eat an apple a day and keep the doctor away. Hudson Valley recipes for your apples! Sometimes we get carried away out there in the orchard and pick everything in sight and worry when we get home about how we can use so many apples! Luckily apples last in the fridge for a long time and with these recipes you can actually cook them youself and remember your day on the farm with every bite. Here's where to stay if you make it a weekend There's some darn good restaurants around here! Other things to do in the Hudson Valley Emails with a theme! Our customers have been coming here for 40 years Some interesting anwsers to your food questions



Orchard Entrance Hours 9-4:30 NO RESERVATIONS REQUIRED

Orchard closes at 5:30.



Beginning November 6 2021
Golden Deliciious
Arkansas Black
Northern Spy

All varieties are available until gone.

STOP at the farm stand to get your orchard ticket and orchard bags. Then return to your car and you will drive into the orchard. Once you are in the orchard feel free to lay out a blanket, picnic, take a hike, play football, and just plain relax, oh and pick some apples too.

Bring your dogViewfromthemountainBraeburnKid

How It Works What to Bring

Each Person (10 years old and up) Pays .....$16 and recieves a 1 peck size bag to fill with apples
Each Child (5-9 years old) Pays ...................$8.00 and recieves a 1/2 peck bag to fill with apples
Each child 4 years old and under enters the orchard for free and so does your dog


Free Parking
-Access to our entire 453 acre farm
-Scenic landscape of rolling hills and well maintained farmland

Please Note: Additional bags may be purchased before entering the orchard. Only pick apples into bags provided by Wright's Farm.
-Picnic Basket
. Gas Grills only. No Carcoal Grills
-Blanket or Chair
-Comfy Shoes
-Acoustic Instrument
-The Dog

Come to Wright's Farm to experience apple picking the way it should be. Take a hike, picnic with friends, tailgate, soak up the sun, watch the skydivers, and see why we truly are the best kept secret in the Hudson Valley.
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